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Wednesday 7th May

7:27pmShak on Chelford Ball
  • Anyone got any pictures of the Spring Ball? If so, please send them in to Chelford Village website

Sunday 27th Apr

11:59amcitrilla on Chelford Ball
  • Well done to Viktoria for organising a really enjoyable evening

Monday 14th Apr

5:57pmNativeChelford on Signs
  • I quite agree — it is akin to a war zone — signs, cones (or lack of them) rubbish — no one will do anything about it so roll on 2015 when they finally move

Saturday 12th Apr

5:24pmTommyk on Signs
  • Does anyone know why nothing can be done about the cheap and horrible car boot sale signs? I feel embarrassed rather than proud to live here every Sunday!

    Editor's comment: There's been loads of attempts over the years to do something about this by lots of people, including Cheshire CC and latterly, Cheshire East Council. I'm sure someone will elaborate.

Wednesday 9th Apr

4:36pmTommyk on Bank Closure
  • Like I've already said I think the chances of overturning the decision range from no chance to not a prayer. Times have changed and no business should be expected to run a loss making operation. And unless RBS starts to cut its losses then it will remain in public hands and costing us taxpayers even more. I can predict now the answer to this will be "but we don't think it is loss making". Trust me, no business would shut down something making a profit.
    As this issue has joined many people together to fight for a single cause why not put that effort towards something positive for the whole of the village for the future. Let the bank go and let's get some sort of community resource there open more than 7 hrs a week!

Monday 7th Apr

4:56pmShak on Bank Closure
  • Good comment ECRider, Kath (Chelford PC Chairman) tells me that when she spoke to Russell Flint, the NatWest regional CEO, he said that he knows about the developments but seemed to think that the houses were most likely to be taken up by younger people who would do internet banking. Time will tell, I suppose. Looks like Nat West are digging in their heels.

4:45pmECRider on Bank Closure
  • Given the proposed development of housing within Chelford it seems very short sighted for NatWest to give up on the village and potentially lose the opportunity for growth of new customers — 122 dwellings on Stobbart's — 86 new houses on the Market — I wonder if Nat West is aware of the new build and the potential for new customers? Didn't think that one through — would anyone like to let them know!

Thursday 3rd Apr

9:19pmTommyk on Bank Closure
  • Unfortunately I think once a company such as RBS has made its mind up it's very unlikely it will change its mind. I see Chelford was quoted by the community banking campaign today. You should get in touch with them. It's a brilliant idea of setting up a community banking facility for different banks.
    One hope here is the distance of the post office which you rightly say is half a mile along a narrow pathway next to a busy Road. With Mr Osborne being local it's something I would push with him. Trying to make a fuss about 'elderly left with no where to bank in Chancellor' s constituency ' could make it into the national press too.

8:33pmDavid Kent on Bank Closure
  • Thanks Tommyk for comment
    However Nat west figures of 20 users is incorrect. There are on average 80 -100 users on Mondays & Fridays! I haven't collated the figures yet but we are doing a count of customers using the bank.
    I agree that the bank building would be a better place for a PO. For lots of our older/diabled people getting to the current PO is impossible.
    If all else fails then we hope the bank will give the building to the community where a "social enterprise" eg community café with a Credit Union presence perhaps could be started?

Tuesday 1st Apr

11:59pmTommyk on Bank Closure
  • I think it's unfair to expect them to keep a branch open for 20 customers. What would be good is to see the post office moved here. Everything you need to do in a bank these days you can do at a post office. But I can't see that happening either.

Monday 31st Mar

4:18pmDavid Kent on Bank Closure
  • PS "The helpful banking" Nat West can't seem to make up their minds on when they intend
    to close
    *The letter sent to a few customers says 18th June 2014
    *The leaflet in the bank 16th June ? !
    Chelford TARA

Friday 28th Mar

8:08pmShak on Bank Closure
  • I imagine by now that most people will have seen the news of the imminent closure of the NatWest branch in Chelford. SO, what are your thoughts?

Tuesday 25th Mar

9:15pmDavid Kent on Social events
  • Well done on the new website Kath & Andy
    Here's to its success!
    Reminder to all : it's Chelford TARA's Soup Swop Day this Saturday (29/3) for Silk Life Foodbank........ come & support us!
    See our website for details!

Friday 21st Mar

3:47pmShak on Social events
  • What sort of social events would you like to see in the village?

3:27pmShak on New Website
  • Mae'n wych ynde' ?

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