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Sunday 2nd Jun

9:18amSam on Village shops
  • Morning all. Does anyone who will be setting up in the old greengrocers when the work is complete?

Monday 6th Mar

10:13amTony on Bass Player Wanted
  • Hi. I'm looking for a bass player to join 2 guitars and drums in the Chelford / Wilmslow area. Play for fun but aim to gig 4/5 times per year. Any interest?

Sunday 13th Mar

8:48pmAnnie on Chelford Sunday Market
  • Toastie, as you come from another area outside Chelford, how do you know the lads in question were 'locals' ?

Wednesday 9th Mar

9:56amAnnie on Chelford Market
    So much has been said and written about Wright Manley moving the market to Middlewich and new houses being built on the site, but nothing seems to happen. The dreadful Car Boot Sale which operates from the site very Sunday is an absolute nightmare for nearby residents, with non-stop coming and going of vehicles, loud noise and petty crime, not to mention the awful condition its left in afterwards. How long is this ridiculous situation going to be allowed? Surely our Parish Councillor should be doing something about it ? If Stobart's and Jones Homes can get together to build homes on the other side of the village, why can't Wright Manley

Monday 7th Mar

11:45amToastie on Chelford Sunday Market
  • As a long standing visitor from afar to the market, it was a shame to see it so limited yesterday, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. That is until I was standing behind a couple of girls who were clearly of East European origin, who had to endure abuse and horrendous language from a couple of locals......nice to see that we are so tolerant ! Those 'men' are a disgrace to humanity, and I do hope they read this although I would be surprised if they could read. Total animals.

Tuesday 15th Sep

7:03pmShak on Speed of internet in Chelford
  • We've seen similar things lately with BBC iPlayer to extent that it drops out. Never been great in the East end of Chelford tho

4:14pmMEH on Speed of internet in Chelford
  • Hi Has any one noticed a change in the speed of the internet over the last few months.
    When I am on Sky Go or on line with a radio link I am getting from time to time a weak signal which causes the system to start buffing.......

Friday 19th Jun

1:50pmClive on Graffiti on trees
  • It is with a mixture of shock, sadness and anger that I write this comment. What makes persons unknown spray graffiti on the trees siding the footpath between Carter Lane and the back of Hitchlowes? In over 20 years a Chelford resident I have never seen wonton damage such as this. My only hope is that the culprits find a way to undo their damage by removing the spray paint from the trees, if possible. Perhaps friends of the perpetrators noticed the remains of the spray paint on hands and will now do the decent thing by challenging this behaviour and encouraging repair.

Monday 15th Dec

11:49amBobbie on window cleaner and bin cleaner
  • Hi,
    does anyone know of a window cleaner who uses a telescopic pole to clean windows and would come to Chelford? Would like to prevent cracked roof tiles on the extension.

    I also would like to know if there is a bin cleaning service coming to Chelford?

    Thank you in advance

Saturday 12th Jul

6:00pmShak on Chelford Fun & Games
  • Great turnout and congratulations to all the competitors who took part. Thanks too to all those people who worked so hard to make a top community sports event. Look out on the website for the full story — coming soon. I've just scraped off all the flour and stuff to find a battered Yorkie/Welsh mongrel underneath again, Bit of a disappointment really :)

Monday 7th Jul

10:15pmcitrilla on Sport Cheshire Awards
  • Congratulations to the Friends of Chelford Activity Park for their Sport Cheshire nomination. The Group was nominated for the Sport Cheshire Social Impact Award, having been selected with 8 other organisations from a considerable number of entries. The Group was represented by Andy Gildon and Barbara Wilson at the Sport Cheshire Awards Dinner on Friday 4th July at Tatton Hall and although the award went elsewhere, the nomination was great achievement for the Friends after a relative short time in existence. Well done to all concerned and particularly Andy Gildon for his major contribution.

Sunday 25th May

6:50pmmillionbells on Bank Closure
  • Just to say that we are advised to use Alderley Edge bank when Chelford closes. However, their opening times are limited — they shut at 3pm on a Thursday for example! Not sure on other days, will have to check but if you want normal banking hours you need to go elsewhere

Tuesday 20th May

10:20pmcitrilla on Chelford PC Village Meeting
  • Disappointing turnout at the meeting tonight. Shame that more people could not be in attendance to discuss significant issues facing the village and to acknowledge the important work of the PC and the volunteers who give up their valuable time to care for the village.

Tuesday 13th May

8:47pmDavid Kent on Bank Closure
  • CTARA have sent the petition off, nearly 600 signitures , and letter have gone to Ross Mc Ewan RBS, Russel Finch Nat West, George Osborne, David Cameron, George Walton and Ed Miliband.
    At least we've tried, lets see what happens!

8:42pmDavid Kent on Chelford Ball
  • Well done to all involved in the Ball, sorry we couldn't be there to support you, it was CTARA's Variety Weekend Break in Llandudno.
    Saw the sign outside the paper shop... well done for raising so much money!
    Mike & David

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