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Chelford Station Volunteers update March 2014
Like us, you may well ask, "What is that round yellow ball in the sky?"
That's right! The sun is back again after what seems a long time away and inspired us to start the big tidy up at the station. We easily get confused at our time of life, and to find Marigolds from last season still flowering, Alyssum still half alive, a rosebud that actually flowered a week or two ago makes us wonder whether we've hibernated too long.
Yes, our favourite time of year is here again. Spring! Visitors to the station will soon be treated to our Forsythia bushes in full flower, daffodils spreading their brightness everywhere, to be followed by tulips, wallflowers and bluebells. Daffs didn't seem to do so well last year but this year looks as though there will be a bumper abundance of colour.
The hedge next to the bridge has been cut back and very good it looks to, and much safer to walk past.
Sadly the nesting box in the trees on the Manchester side has gone 'walkabout' recently, denying our Blue Tit family their 'des res'! So sad after a brood was raised each year since 2007. How mean humans can be! The old adage that if you want to keep something safe, you need to nail it down has proved wrong in this case and with the missing water butt last year. Believe it or not both were well secured so we thought and will have required effort to remove!
The steps at the station are in their usual rusty state and an eyesore. They have been reported several times but inertia and disinterest seems to have set in since the repaint--and the contractors have been allowed to get away with shoddy work.
We are pleased that there has been a regular uptake of Time Tables, Station Walks plus Cheshire Celebrates booklets etc. Not strictly volunteering work, but a very worthwhile and useful project which has been well-received!
On a brighter note, we feel we have turned the year, with YOUR station now in a much better condition than ever before at this time of year.
Enjoy Spring and enjoy the sights and scents of Chelford Station gardens. Peter&HeatherHammond 861277
Tony & Barbara Icke 861833

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