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St. John's & St. Peter's

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St John's Church, Chelford

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Chelford Church Services

Sunday 2nd July 2017
11.00am Worship for All in Chelford School

Sunday 9th
8am BCP Communion
10.00am Holy Communion first service with our new Curate Fiona
6.30pm Deanery Evensong

Sunday 16th
10am Brownie Service

Sunday 23rd
11am Holy Communion

Sunday 30th
10.30am Joint Benefice Holy Communion at Marthall

Sunday 6th August
11.00am Worship for All at St.John's Church

Gerri (1)

Dear Friends

I don't know about you but sitting here in my study on a rainy Monday in June, I'm looking forward with hope to a sunny and warm July and August. Let's hope I'm not disappointed! Relying on the weather in Britain is always a bit of a risky business. When Mike and I lived in the USA, they often had a couple of dates for an event — the expected date and the rain date (i.e. if it rained on the expected date they would reschedule it). That just would not work here; we have to get on with it.
Life can be like that — just getting on with it whatever the weather, whatever is going on. Living through difficult times but taking enjoyment and pleasure where and when we can. We are a people who are resilient; this has been a well-used phrase recently in the light of events in Manchester and London. We hope that our resilience and determination to savour and enjoy our way of life will see us thraough these troubles, just as they have in the past.
People have found comfort in coming together in different ways — praying together, walking together, watching concerts together, raising money together; visiting special places of significance together — so much so that these places become sacred spaces, at least for a time. Spaces like St Ann's Square in Manchester where people came to somehow touch and feel what had happened, to try to make sense of the senseless and live for a short time within that sacred space.
Yet life springs up again; we continue to pray for those affected most closely as we pick up the threads of life again. Laughter and enjoyment in the small things is so important. Draw close to one another in these times and savour the joys of family life, good neighbours and friends. Wishing you all a blessed and fruitful summer.

God bless

Revd Gerri Tetzlaff

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