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St. John's & St. Peter's

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St John's Church, Chelford

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Chelford Church Services

Sunday 5th March 2017
11.00am Worship for All in Chelford School

Sunday 12th
8am BCP Communion
10.00am Holy Communion

Sunday 19th
10am Morning Praise
6.30 pm Evensong

Sunday 26th
11am Holy Communion

Sunday 2nd April
11.00am Worship for All in Chelford School

Gerri (1)

Dear Friends

We begin March with Ash Wednesday falling on the 1st of the month along with St David's Day for all those with Welsh connections. So Lent begins and we are able to join with other churches in the area for an Ash Wednesday service at Marton — at 7.30pm with refreshments to follow. They are always described as 'Lenten' refreshments (whatever that means) but are rather robust in quantity and in quality!
Also this year we will have a Welsh themed Worship for All service on Sunday 5th March at 11.00am at Chelford School — everyone is welcome and we shall enjoy some Bara Brith and Welsh Cakes over a cup of something after the service.
Lent is a time in the church year for reflection and prayer; a time when some find the discipline of giving something up to be helpful. This is like a mini fast — some might give up treats, or even a meal, like lunch. However, Sunday's are always feast days, or days of celebration — points of light in the middle of reflection and self-examination.
Of course the point of these disciplines is to draw us away from ourselves and towards God. We seek a richer prayer life and an authentic life — where we can be true to ourselves and true to our faith. That's not easy for us — maybe we don't feel we can be truly ourselves for various reasons but I do know that God wants us to be fully human, with an eye to him and an eye to others. If we can give up one thing this Lent, let it be a time when we can let go of anger, hurt and pain and allow the Lord to bring healing and wholeness to us in mind, body and spirit.
On another matter — Chelford Market will be closing probably at the end of this month. Can I urge you to pray for all affected by this — those who will lose their jobs, those whose livelihood will be affected in other ways and for our villages that as a community we may draw together.


Revd Gerri Tetzlaff

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