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St. John's & St. Peter's

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St John's Church, Chelford

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Chelford Church Services

Sunday 2nd April 2017
11.00am Worship for All in Chelford School

Sunday 9th
8am BCP Communion
10.00am Holy Communion

Maundy Thursday 13th
7.30pm Joint Benefice Service at Marthall

Good Friday 14th
10am Mattins
2pm Reflections on the Cross

Easter Sunday 16th
10am Easter Communion
6.30 pm Evensong

Sunday 23rd
11am Holy Communion
Followed by Annual Church Meeting and Faith Lunch

Sunday 30th
10.30am Morning Praise at St.Peter's LW

Sunday 7th May
11.00am Worship for All in Chelford School

Gerri (1)

Dear Friends

I've been going through the Easter story in order to tell it to the children from Chelford School when they come to St John's for a morning of Easter Crafts. It's lovely to think that for some of them this story will be very familiar and for others it will be new, or a story they may have only heard part of before.
That can be the case for adults too — sometimes we skip the death of Jesus and go straight to the resurrection. Whilst focussing too much on death isn't good for us, to miss it out completely is hard too; otherwise we won't have a complete picture of life. Maybe we miss death out because we can't really believe that there is anything more or we simply hope that part will somehow not affect us.
I believe that if we enter into the whole Easter story we will be enabled to have an amazing view of both life and death. Life in all its fullness doesn't end but goes on into eternity. How can this be? By simple trust and faith in Jesus Christ — that his sacrificial life and death made a difference; that by dying he enabled us to be forgiven and gave us a way back to God our Father.
This Easter as we celebrate new life in so many ways, remember what came before — not only with a tinge of sadness but with joy! Easter helps us to make sense of the brokenness that we see around us and experience in our own lives too. It is a great celebration which gives us a vision of the cycle of life in this world and beyond.
Do join us to celebrate Holy Week and Easter Services across the Benefice.

Kind regards

Revd Gerri Tetzlaff

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