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The welfare of all children and vulnerable adults is of paramount importance to the Chelford Parish Hall Management Committee and we have a duty to ensure all children and vulnerable adults who use the hall and its facilities are safeguarded.
This duty of care applies both at functions and events organised by the Management Committee or at functions and events organised by an individual, a group, a club or a company.
The objective of this document is to define how all vulnerable persons are protected within the Parish Hall, regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, religion, faith or sexuality.
All suspicions or allegations of abuse against a child or a vulnerable adult will be taken seriously and dealt with appropriately and with speed.
Chelford Parish Hall Management Committee do not supervise children or vulnerable adults as part of their normal function as Committee members.
If the Management Committee decide to organise an event that includes children it must be stated that children must be accompanied by parents or guardians. Therefore DBS checks will not be required unless the Management Committee members are requested to have unsupervised access to children or vulnerable adults
The Chairman of the Parish Hall Management Committee is the named member of the Management Committee to whom all related comments or allegations should be forwarded.
Upon receipt of any information, the Chairman will contact Cheshire East Council as follows:

  • Children at risk: Cheshire East Council Consultation Service on 0300 123 5012
  • Vulnerable Adults at risk: Cheshire East Council on 0300 123 5012
    All groups or individuals who hire the Parish Hall will, if their activities involve children and/or vulnerable adults, need to comply with the requirements for safeguarding and it is the responsibility of the organisers of these groups to ensure they comply and have all the appropriate policies and procedures in place. Each group should have its own safeguarding policy, irrespective of the frequency at which it hires the Parish Hall.
    All groups of individuals who hire Chelford Parish Hall must indicate their adherence to Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults policies on their hire agreement.
    This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis at the AGM and/or when changes occur in National Legislation.
    New members of the Management Committee will be provided with an understanding of their responsibilities in line with this policy.
    (last updated April 2015)

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