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Manchester Airport

Airport Nightime Tour

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As the UK's global gateway in the north, Manchester Airport boasts two full length runways enabling passengers to fly to over 210 destinations on more than 200,000 flights a year.
The Airport's main runway, Runway One, is in use 24 hours a day, seven days a week but this heavy usage naturally requires occasional maintenance to take place to keep the runway in safe condition. Runway maintenance takes place at night, when fewer flights are departing and arriving, allowing Runway Two to be used as a sole runway.
Overnight on the 8th May, Manchester Airport hosted twelve Borough and Parish Councillors for an exclusive runway tour to see how much work is done in just one night, and how many team members are involved.
The tour began with a visit to the Airport's Fire Station, where Councillors learned more about the response vehicles and explored the Oshkosh Striker fire trucks. An exclusive airfield and runway tour then followed, with a unique opportunity to walk on the closed runway, standing where hundreds of daily flights usually touch down.
The Councillors were invited to look at the vast array of tasks being carried out by the overnight teams, such as runway and taxiway resurfacing, grass cutting, and engineering tests. They also enjoyed an exclusive look at the works underway on the Manchester Airport Transformation Project and were impressed with the daily progress being made to develop the Airport for the future.
This exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the night life of Manchester Airport was very popular with the Councillors, with one visitor now having "a better understanding of the night challenges and operational constraints in undertaking maintenance works let alone major construction expansion." Further feedback said that was "I never realised the size of your operation until we were out on the runway" and that it was "particularly impressive to see the scale and rate of progress of the transformation site as well as the other interesting aspects of fire safety, lighting and runway maintenance."
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