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Befriending Project

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You may have heard about the Befriending Project that is taking shape in Chelford. About 17 people came together on 2nd October at Astle Court to begin discussions on enabling people who feel lonely or isolated to be encouraged and helped to reconnect with community life again or to be visited at home.

We came up with several ideas for taking this project forward and it was great to see plenty of people willing to be involved. We are having a further meeting on 30th October, 2pm at Astle Court to put some flesh onto the ideas and plan how we can organise and manage the project. Anyone interested in becoming involved is welcome to the meeting. In the meantime be thinking about your neighbours or friends who might benefit from this project. It is running with the support of Chester Living Well Dying Well, the GP Surgery, CTARA, St John's Church and individuals who want to volunteer. We don't want to have endless meetings without taking action but do need to take care to plan and organise well before we begin.

It is great to see that we do have a very caring community here in Chelford. Volunteers will help set up the project and those who we hope will benefit will be consulted as to their particular needs.

Gerri Tetzlaff

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