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Best Kept Village 2014

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Cheshire's Best Kept Villages Competition 2014

Chelford has been placed third behind Audlem and Rainow in the category for villages in Cheshire with a population size of 1,001 to 2,500 residents.

We scored a total of 660 points out of a possible maximum total of 780 points and a Little Gem award, for the most attractive area in the village, was presented to the Astle Court Community for the area in and around their greenhouse.

The judges visited our village on two occasions during the summer and the following very positive comments were included in their report:

  • The exterior of the shops was very good and the display outside the Chelford Corner Shoppe was very attractive.
  • The railway station has rightly won awards for its exterior.
  • Bus shelters, telephone kiosks and noticeboards were all clean and in good condition.
  • The outside of the Primary School was attractively landscaped.
  • The exterior of the public house and its car park was tidy and the shop next to it had tables outside and looked inviting.
  • The surroundings of the Astle Court community room were excellent. There was a community greenhouse in that area which appeared, by the amount of plants, to be very productive and there was a seat to enable people to sit and enjoy the flowers.
  • The gardens around Astle Court were outstanding and one particularly attractive garden full of floriferous plants had been developed for the Queen's Jubilee.
  • The Chelford Activity Park sports facilities and children's play area were excellent and well maintained.
  • The area around the Scout Hall was neat and tidy.
  • The cricket ground was in immaculate condition.
  • The verges were tidy and there were hanging baskets and planters around the village.
  • The litter bins were good, especially by the play areas and, considering how busy Chelford is with the markets, there was surprisingly no litter.
  • We saw no evidence of graffiti, chewing gum or dog fouling around the village.

As you would expect, there were some areas for improvement and the following comments were included in the judges' report:

  • The Mere Court play area behind the primary school had goal posts but, although the grass had been cut, it was too long and uneven for a football pitch.
  • The pond was overgrown with green moss and two ducks were fighting their way through the slime.
  • Weeds were noticed in the paved area through to the pond.
  • The war memorial was slightly disappointing; there was an area of bare soil around the base which looked as if there should be some flowers planted there.

Judges' final comments:
It was a pleasure to judge Chelford; we really got a feeling that the residents cared about their village and were working hard to maintain and further develop it. The Parish Council representatives who we met were very helpful, imparting information about the village and their progress in developing facilities for their residents, both young and old, in the village.

From a Parish Council perspective, it was an honour to attend the awards ceremony and hear the many complimentary comments about our village whilst in the forthcoming months I would expect the Parish Council to consider appropriate actions to address the areas for improvement.

John Leach, Parish Councillor

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