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Beware - Cold Calling

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The following are taken from recent calls to Cheshire Constabulary, complaining about Cold Callers.

Cheshire police and Trading Standards advise residents not to purchase goods or services from cold callers knocking at the door. If you require any of the goods or services exampled below we suggest you ask a friend or neighbour for a reputable contact.

Between the 11th and 19th November, 2014, the following calls were received:

  • Nantwich — man offering to cut trees
  • Macclesfield — man 'claimed to be working with/on behalf of the police', trying to sell front doors
  • Fearnhead — man 'claimed to be approved by the police', trying to sell double glazing
  • Poynton — phone call offering 'a service to stop cold calls to land line', asking for bank details
  • Wilmslow/Handforth — phone calls offering 'a service to get a Council Tax refund'
  • Acton Bridge — man offering roofing work, driving a van. Rude when refused.
  • Great Barrow — man with a van offering mattresses for sale.
  • Numerous reports from the following areas: — Holmes Chapel, Cranage, Handbridge, Upton, Neston of 'young' men selling household products, reference to young offenders. Some complaints of aggressive language/rudeness. Police have checked some 'hawker paperwork/cards' — none found to hold the appropriate Pedlars Certificate.
  • Numerous reports over recent weeks of phone calls claiming to be from Microsoft, asking for access to a home computer to fix a virus.

If you 'feel concerned' about anyone behaving suspiciously, especially where a vulnerable neighbour may be involved, call Cheshire police to report your concerns. Please try to write down a description of any vehicles or suspicious people. A vehicle registration and description is especially helpful.

To report crime and non-urgent information — ring 101
In emergency ring 999
For additional information about your local policing team, or to read their recent tweets (you don't need a twitter account) go to the Cheshire police web site:-

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