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Here's a note from Jim Evans, who ran the original campaign for broadband in Chelford in 2003

"Apparently Chelford Exchange got some new higher speed Broadband Equipment between 02:45 and 03:45 on 05-10-2017.
I have had the same line speed since the previous upgrade in 2006. On Thrusday, the line went down at the time indicated and came back with a higher upload speed and slightly higher download speed.

My router now says my line is now using ADSL2+ (not ADSL) with the exchange equipment capable of a download speed of 24384kbps (instead of 8228) and an upload speed of 1280kbps instead of 448kbps.

Of course being well into the Dixon Drive estate I am getting much lower than those figures (8553kbps and 828kbps) but still a useful increase particularly in upload compared to the old
figures of 6800kbps and 448kbps. Others may have seen a similar upgrade. It is also possible that their line is slightly less stable at the new speeds, certainly for the first few days.

This has nothing to do with the "Fibre Broadband is here" cabinets. It should affect all those "old" ADSL lines who did not upgrade to the new "fibre" services. It will not affact anyone who has
upgraded (as far as I am aware)."

If you haven't upgraded fibre broadband, please let us know if you have noticed any change in performance.

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