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CEC Approves Chelford Market Site Plans

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It has been long established that Chelford needs truly affordable family homes in order for our community to thrive. Young people are finding it increasingly difficult to find suitable homes for their families whilst remaining within our village. This situation is well known to all and is repeated in many villages throughout Britain.

Homes developed as being 'affordable' are seen as one solution to this problem. However, there are many misunderstandings of the definition of what 'affordable' constitutes. Definitions of affordability, based on 80% of market value in many parts of Cheshire East are clearly beyond the reach of many people including those earning much more than the national average salary.

The viability of communities like ours depends upon people being able to grow their families and move into homes within their community. Without such growth, the population stagnates and facilities are lost to the detriment of all.

In spite of concerns raised by our Parish Council and other members of the Northern Planning Board, Cheshire East Council Planning Officers seem content to apply national planning policies blindly in the face of community need.

The following story, reported well by the Knutsford Guardian is yet another example where developers may legally avoid their obligations to provide the type of affordable houses truly needed by our community.

For the full story from the Knutsford Guardian, click here

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