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Chelford Solidarity With Manchester

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Dear All,

In response to the tragic events this Monday in Manchester, if you drive past the Scout Hut, you will see that we have erected a flag pole with the Union Jack at half mast.

This event has touched everyone in the community especially our younger community. You may or may not be aware that some young residents and parents from Chelford were at the event on Monday night and if your child attends Holmes Chapel School at least one child has undergone major surgery today and another is still listed as missing.

With this in mind at 5.30 tomorrow we invite anyone wishing to light a candle as a sign of solidarity and respect to join us at the Hut.

We will keep it short about 5 minutes and appropriate for our younger people. We will be joined by our vicar Geraldine who will say a few short words.

Afterwards I'll be playing football with the Cubs before they start at 6.45 and I'm happy for Scouts to join in.

Please bring a candle with you (tee lights are ideal)

Yours In Scouting

Joe Adshead

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