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Chelford Station Volunteers Update: May 2016

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The volunteers, old and new have made a late start this year, due mainly to the constant rain!

However Spring has Sprung at last and looking around the station we are delighted by the colourful show of daffs, tulips, primulas, marigolds and of course our faithful Forsythia and its blaze of yellow, on both sides of the station. The marigolds have been flowering all winter along with the primulas in this topsy turvy season!

For those of you who haven't noticed, we modestly advise you that there is another award totem on our wall for winning the Cheshire Best Kept Station "In Bloom" 2015 award. The judges remarked that whatever time of the year they visited, there is always a good show of colour at Chelford. There is no truth in the rumour that our awards are holding the station building together!

Our team is now led by Andy Gildon, with Kath and the addition of David and Barbara Wilson, Susan Bluck and as an enlarged team we are all raring to go this year. "Many hands make light work" has proved to be so true! If you feel like joining in, it is rarely hard and so relaxing, achieving almost instant results. Don't hesitate to email or telephone 861277. You'll be made most welcome to do as much or as little as you wish!

Next we are going to top up the compost in most of the beds and then set about re-planting with hopefully bunny-proof plants leading to more colourful displays.

To all of you who say 'Hello' and utter words of encouragement, that's what we love to hear! We honestly can say that we live in a beautiful village and it is a pleasure to give something back to our community.

Peter & Heather Hammond 861277

Tony & Barbara Icke 861833

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