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Cheshire East Green Belt Review

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The consultancy organisation, Arup Group, has completed its review of green belt land on behalf of Cheshire East Council.

Arup has assessed 400 parcels of land and rank their contributions to the green belt against the five purposes of green belt defined in the National Planning Policy Framework.

The land parcels have been categorised as making a major contribution, significant contribution, contribution or no contribution to the green belt.

In Cheshire East, Arup concluded that there are 82 parcels that made the minimal 'contribution' grade and have the greatest potential to be considered for release for development.

Of the green belt areas around Chelford all are designated as making a major or significant contribution. However, the report goes onto state that even these major or significant contributing areas may be considered for release for development if a stronger case for 'exceptional circumstances' can be made.

The Council for the Protection of Rural England has commented on the report and this can be found here.

The full report and maps can be found here

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