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Connecting Cheshire 2

Connecting Cheshire (or not)

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Here are the latest maps from Connecting Cheshire. As you'll see, some of the Phase 1 dates have slipped into 2016 or possibly beyond. Click here for the maps.

By way of explanation, here's a note from Connecting Cheshire via Chelford PC. Have a look to see if your postcode pops up on the delayed list.

"Despite BT making good progress across much of Cheshire and reaching over 85,000 premises, including almost 900 across the Chelford exchange area, with most remaining areas due to be completed by spring 2016; there are 3 cabinet areas that are unfortunately behind schedule and are not expected to be completed until late 2016 or early 2017. The principal reason for the delay is the need for BT to dig and install significant lengths of additional underground duct in order to lay over 1000m of new fibre optic cables. This work impacts on around 180 premises across the following postcodes:

SK104RS, SK104RT, SK104RU, SK104RX, SK104SY, SK104SZ, SK104TB, SK104TX, SK110NH, SK110NJ, SK110NL, SK110NN, SK119AH, SK119AJ, SK119AL, SK119AP, SK119JZ, SK119LA, SK119PL

I appreciate this is unwelcome news, and apologise for the delay, hence wanting to tell you proactively and explain the reason. We will be able to explain more, and provide an update on our Phase 2 roll-out, on 6th November at our forthcoming public information event at Alderley Park Conference Centre at 10am. You are all very welcome to attend and share details with your community."

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