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Did you know that there is a police team specifically deployed to maintain the safety of aircraft flying into and out of Manchester Airport. The Flight Path Protection Team works across Cheshire, monitoring locations to prevent a possible attack on an aircraft. So if you see anything suspicious which looks like it might threaten aircraft security, make a note of the location and time and date. Note any vehicle and people details and what you deem to be suspicious activity. Any information should be communicated via 0161856 0216 or 07768 044834. In the case of an immediate emergency use the normal 999 contact.

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Chelford Webteam: 14/03/2019

Regulation 15 consultation has now ended. Comments can be found on the Cheshire East consultation portal, using the Chelford Neighbourhood Plan link. An independent examiner has now been selected and subject to her appointment, she will examine...

Chelford Webteam: 11/03/2019

We were contacted last week by Mr Antony Hoare, who wanted to make us aware of a fascinating family story.Mr Hoare's brief email message was as follows: "A campaign was started by Chelford WI in the late 20s called the Pick Up Paper...

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Chelford Webteam: 11/03/2019

If you know your footpaths from your bridleways, then Cheshire East Council wants to hear from you — as it looks to recruit members for a countryside advisory group. The Cheshire East Countryside Access Forum offers residents the opportunity...

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