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Don't Cross The Tracks!

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We've been hearing more frequently that people are crossing the tracks from the Crewe bound platform at Chelford station, rather than using the road bridge.

Various reports have been made to British Transport Police and, as before, they will be quick to take action.

As usual, the main culprits are children returning from school by train. Several adults have also been seen taking this huge risk.

Please could parents in particular reinforce with their children that crossing the line is extremely dangerous? Shortly after the late afternoon trains leave Chelford for Crewe, a Manchester-bound fast train from South Wales passes through the station at around 100 mph. If you're on the track, you won't be aware of its approach until it's too late.

BTP will prosecute you without fail if you're caught crossing the line. It doesn't look great on your CV.

If the Cardiff-Manchester train catches you, the consequences will be fatal. I still shudder at the story from a train maintenance engineer describing trying to pull a piece of jawbone from where it was lodged in the running gear of a locomotive.

You can avoid all of that by using the road bridge.

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