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First Impressions

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First Impressions

You know what they say--first impressions count. In a job interview, your fate is decided in the first 5 minutes; the decision to buy a house takes about 20 minutes; judging a stranger on first meeting takes 7 seconds! However, if you step off at train at Chelford, you know instantly that you have arrived in a pleasant location. Before your very eyes is a station that someone seems to care about-- borders are neatly trimmed, attractive plants flourish, flower beds are well planned, litter is banished to bins. Just like the impressive foyer of any organisation, there is a feel good factor about the place.

So, who is it that makes the end of your journey a pleasant experience? Quite simply a group of people who understand the notion of first impressions, but who also appreciate the value of making a contribution to the well- being of their community--they are the volunteers.

Why don't you join them and give it a go? Any help would be greatly appreciated and you too could make first impressions count!

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