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The Future of Chelford: Urgent

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As expected, Cheshire East has just published a range of documents, focusing on the future of the area, particularly housing development. The Site Allocations and Development Policies Document (SADPD) contains detailed planning policies and site allocations. Draft plans identify which towns and parishes, including Chelford, will experience housing development and where the development sites are located. The plans also identify where land is to be removed from the green belt for the purposes of meeting housing targets now and in the future.

Chelford is faced with significant change, should the the plans for the Parish be adopted. You will be aware that currently, the Parish has two major housing developments which will create approximately 190 new homes. However, a further area on the market site, owned by Cheshire East, has yet to be developed and it is expected that this will bring forth another 10-12 homes, creating total of just over 200 homes. The future proposals for Chelford, include a further 25 homes on a green belt site behind Chelford Farm Supplies, making a grand total of about 225 new dwellings in the Parish. This represents an increase of about 40% in the housing stock and a similar potential increase in population.

More significantly, it is proposed that 7.8 hectares of green belt land are taken out of the green belt and safeguarded for future housing development. This land is located on the eastern side of the railway line, facing the market site. Whilst safeguarded land is not to be developed in the immediate future, the prospect of a further major development of at least several hundred houses on this site, is now more likely than less likely, possibly within the next few years. The land is privately owned, but a major developer has already secured an interest to develop the land. Such a development would have considerable implications for the Parish and including the current building plans, could effectively result in a doubling of the housing stock and the population. It is also likely to change the character of the Parish considerably. Undoubtedly, such increases would present a pressing need to implement new infrastructure to deal with the inevitable significant increase in traffic through the village, expansion of the surgery and school and improved retail facilities.

The first draft of the SADPD has now been published for public consultation between 11 September and 22 October 2018. The consultation documents and supporting evidence can be accessed at the following link:

The Parish Council will be considering the proposals and strategies for producing a response to the Chelford plans, including how best to consult with residents, next Thursday evening 13th September at 7,30pm. You can make your views known to councillors, during the public forum at this meeting. However, you are urged to consult the documents and you can make your views known to Cheshire East, using the consultation process, via the link above.

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