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The Future of Chelford

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Recent meetings in Chelford, to consider various proposals for developments in the locality, have clearly demonstrated a strong sense of community cohesion and a real desire by residents to determine the future of their Parish and not have someone else do it for them.

Residents, in expressing their views, showed a genuine allegiance to their village and made it very clear that any change would not be at the cost of the things that they value about living in the Parish.

It is therefore most appropriate, that this strength of feeling should coincide with the decision, by the Parish Council, to proceed with a Neighbourhood Plan for Chelford. This planning process will provide the vehicle for building on the sense of purpose and unity shown by residents and will deliver what our residents really want for the future of Chelford. It is therefore vital that everyone engages fully in consultations in the coming months.

The Neighbourhood Planning Group, helped by professional services, is now making good progress in producing the initial questionnaires which will be distributed to residents and businesses early in September. These will be followed by more detailed questionnaires and consultation events, as the planning process gathers pace.

The Neighbourhood Plan will be your plan, so help to make it a success by fully participating in the process. Your help will be needed in the future along with your opinions and ideas.

Please contact the Clerk at if you can offer assistance--no special skills are needed--even delivering questionnaires will be a huge help to the team

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