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Holidays: Exploring the Matterhorn

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Dave and Barbara Wilson have been exploring around the Matterhorn. Here's their story.

Having a daughter and family who live close to Geneva brings with it the advantages of breathtaking views, wild scenery and a variety of beautiful places to visit. Our most recent trip in August led us to Zermatt which lies at the foot of Switzerland's highest mountains, the most famous being the Matterhorn (often mistakenly cited as the highest mountain). If you are looking for unrivalled mountain views, the awesome sight of huge glaciers sweeping down into valleys and the majestic Matterhorn rising above the clouds, this is the place to be. A word of warning--the views are magnificent and so are the prices in Zermatt. You may have more trouble breathing in a restaurant when you get the bill, than standing 10,000ft above sea level. A ride on the Gornergrat railway will take you close to the peak of Switzerland's highest mountain, the Monte Rosa, with its highest peak over 15,000 feet. At the end of the line, you will have a panoramic view of the Gorner glacier (14km long) and smaller connecting glacier.

Zermatt 1

Alternatively, take the underground train from Zermatt (a remarkable feat of engineering), which rises through the mountains to Sunnega summit, and then from here take the cable car to the Rothorn summit. Here you can stand and view the vast mountain range dominated by the Matterhorn, as well as take one of the many spectacular walks overlooking the Findel glacier.

Zermatt 3

Zermatt 2

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