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Neighbourhood Plan Progress

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A working group has completed detailed and lengthy research over the last month, in order to produce a Character Assessment of Chelford. The detailed document which has over 50 pages of text, maps, diagrams and photographs, describes the distinct appearance and feel of the Parish. It communicates the key physical features and characteristics that combine to give Chelford its local distinctiveness and unique identity.

The Character Assessment recommendations will support the drafting of policies for our Neighbourhood Plan. It can also be used by developers to help them understand the local character of Chelford. This in turn should help them to progress sensitively designed proposals, in keeping with the feel and appearance of our area.

The Character Assessment will be made available to residents once it has been scrutinised by our consultants.

A wildlife survey will be also completed in the near future by Cheshire Wildlife Trust which will also assist our policy drafting.

The Neighbourhood Planning Team has now begun to draft out policies based on the evidence collected from wide ranging sources.

We continue to make good progress, in line with our project plan. Please keep watching for regular updates on this website

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