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Neighbourhood Plan Update

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The Steering Group is now moving forward with its programme to consult with Chelford residents, as part of developing the Neighbourhood Plan. An initial questionnaire is now being printed for distribution to all Chelford homes in early September. Members of the Group will be visiting every household, to hand over the questionnaire to residents and then they will return after a week or so to collect the responses. This is to ensure a high return rate, something which examiners of the Neighbourhood Plan will be keen to evidence. A separate questionnaire will also be offered to households where any young people between the ages of 11-17 reside.

The views of various community groups will also be sought, including Scouts, Guides, Brownies etc., the Village Hall Committee, sports clubs and the Church. Even those people who are in the process of purchasing a property on the Stobart site will be asked to complete a questionnaire. Schoolchildren at our primary school will also be asked give their views on Chelford and its future.

The Steering Group has recently completed a database of all types of Chelford businesses and a special questionnaire will be distributed to them, to seek their views.

Once all of the responses are collected, they will be analysed and from the analysis, a number of key policies will be identified. The information will be fed back to residents through public meetings, so that they have the opportunity to raise questions and make comment. A more detailed set of questionnaires will then be designed and distributed, so that residents can express their views on the main policies, which will form the Plan.

This is a major project and volunteers are working hard behind the scenes to ensure that Chelford has a robust and well informed plan, which will allow the parish to meet the future needs of residents. Please do your bit and complete questionnaires promptly and thoroughly and attend meetings when they are publicised. Keep up to date and check the information via the website Neighbourhood Plan links on the Home page.

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