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Neighbourhood Planning--We Need You!

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The Parish Council agreed last year to begin the process of producing a Chelford Neighbourhood Plan. Many parishes and local councils have already begun or completed the process, having recognised that this is a means of influencing development in their villages and towns. With the growing pressure to develop land, including some parts of the green belt, a neighbourhood plan will give Chelford residents power to shape the future development and growth of the parish. It will allow residents to have a powerful influence in determining where new homes, shops, offices and community facilities should be built and what they should look like. Once 'made' it forms part of the statutory development plan and is used by the local planning authority in making decisions on planning applications.

The first stage, i.e. to get approval for the designated area covered by the plan, was completed several months ago by Chelford Parish Council. The plan will cover all the land contained within the Chelford parish boundaries.

The planning process will involve considerable consultation with Chelford residents because it is a plan which is shaped by the community. It is important to understand that it is the residents and not the Parish Council who will shape and construct the plan. Whilst some members of the Parish Council may be involved in part of the work, it is vital that we secure the help of willing volunteers to commit to the construction of the plan.

The Parish Council is therefore appealing for help from residents who wish to join a planning team. Whilst specific experience and skills in planning would be welcomed, they are not essential. What we need is willing volunteers who can commit time to shaping the future of Chelford. The village is under growing pressure from developers and we need a neighbourhood plan to shape our own future, rather than have someone else do it for us. Please help us by contacting one of the parish councillors or the Chair to offer your services. Their details can be found via the Parish Council link at the top of the village website home page.

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