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Our Wonderful School

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Congratulations to staff and pupils at Chelford CE Primary School on a highly successful Ofsted inspection

It has been a remarkably successful time for Chelford CE Primary School. Last year pupils achieved outstanding KS1 and KS2 SATs results (see table) and were ranked 4th in all primary schools in Cheshire East.

Now the School has received a glowing report from the recent Ofsted inspection.

The following is a short summary of only a few of the many highlights from the inspector's report. The full report, attached as a PDF, is worth reading to see the full depth of the inspector's comments.

Short inspection of Chelford CofE Primary School by Jonathan Smart, HM Ofsted Inspector

"This school continues to be good.
The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection.

Across the school, progress and achievement in mathematics continues to be 'strong' and pupils say that mathematics is one of their favourite subjects and these were the books of which they were most proud.

Pupils read widely and often; they say they enjoy reading. The most able pupils read with confidence and fluency. The less able readers read with passion and flair. It is clear to see why standards in reading are high by the end of key stage 2.

You (Mrs Alison Scott, Headteacher) and your staff have worked successfully to improve the quality of writing across the school. It is delightful to see the quality both of pupils' handwriting and their written work, for example in key stage 1 where standards are high. In addition, pupils in key stage 2 have a secure knowledge and understanding of spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Parents are also unreservedly positive about how well you and your staff provide for their children. Parents commented that staff care about each and every pupil, that there is a fantastic learning environment and a lovely sense of community built on Christian values. You are determined that each of your pupils will grow, learn and achieve in a school that shows 'care for everyone'.

As a result, pupils make good progress and achieve well across the school, including in the early years.

There is a strong culture of safeguarding in the school. Parents and pupils feel that the school is a safe place to be.

The governors are adamant that pupils must achieve the very best outcomes and so they rigorously challenge the headteacher about the standards pupils achieve. Consequently, standards across the school continue to improve.

Leaders and teachers have a secure understanding of what strategies are required to help disadvantaged pupils to progress and achieve as well as other pupils nationally. In 2016, the progress made by most disadvantaged pupils was 'good'. Currently, disadvantaged pupils are also progressing well and the quality of their work is 'good'; for example, the standards they achieve in writing and reading continue to be 'secure'."

"We are delighted with the outcome of the Ofsted inspection and believe that the report accurately reflects the high quality of education provided for the children in our school.
Great credit is due to everyone on our staff team, our very supportive governors and parents, and, most importantly, the children.''

Alison Scott, Headteacher

"Headteacher, Mrs Alison Scott, her staff and the pupils of Chelford School have all worked very hard to achieve this outstanding success at a time of considerable change across the curriculum, SATs and method of assessments. I feel very proud of their excellent achievements and am delighted at their well deserved success. I would like to thank everyone involved for their dedication and commitment. I would also like to thank parents and Governors for their unstinting support.

Kath Gildon, Chair of Governors.

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