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Owls, Vultures, Brownies

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Chelford Brownies enjoyed an evening visit to Gauntlet Birds of Prey in Knutsford, hosted by owners Graham and Lisa Bessant, parents of Brownie Lilly.

The trip contributed to the Brownies 'work' this term on Environment badge, and they will be preparing posters about wildlife habitat as part of a display for a special Chelford Church Environment Day 'service' at Chelford School on Sunday June 7th.

At Gauntlet, the girls were treated to flying displays inside by a Tawny Owl, kestrel, Harris Hawk and Little Owl, with a talk about each bird. Brownie Lilly Bessant and her brother Jake helped the other Brownies to handle the birds, and entertained the girls with two ferrets, used to help the Harris Hawk hunt for rabbits.

Outside, the girls were able to feed the goats and then watch flying displays by vultures and a bald-headed eagle.

Brown Owl Alison Richardson said:"It was very kind of Gauntlet to invite us to a special evening of bird flying, and all the Brownies enjoyed the opportunity to get up close to birds of prey, and learn more about their habitat."

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