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Please Vote For Chelford Scouts' Project

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Now, 1st Chelford Scouts' kitchen at the Scout Hut has done long and distinguished service but the time has come for a complete refurbishment.

It's really important that this is done as all the uniformed groups use it for catering, for learning to cook, bake and exercise proper food hygiene. They also use it to cater for charity events in support of our community.

They are trying to raise a grant from the AVIVA Community fund and have reached the first stage of having their project posted on the AVIVA website for the voting round. Projects collecting the most votes are awarded grants.

It's vital that you take a couple of minutes to visit the site when voting opens on Friday 21st October, read about why the Scout Group wants to do the project and cast up to 10 votes for the 1st Chelford Scout Group Kitchen Project.

Here's the link to take you there: Chelford Scouts Kitchen Project.

Please tell all your family and friends about this and pass on the link.

Everyone will be very grateful for your support and you never know, future Michelin starred chefs and star bakers may get their start in that kitchen in the hut.

Thank you very much for helping

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