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Q & A - Cheshire Lakes

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Further questions were raised in light of Cheshire Lakes' response to a post by Kath Gildon. The questions and Cheshire Lakes' response is reproduced below.

From Kath Gildon, Chelford Resident

I would like to thank Cheshire Lakes for taking the time to respond to my previous comments on their planning application (16/1353M) on the proposed development on Astle Estates Lake.

My original comments were expressed out of concern for the rural environment within our village. I had many unanswered questions prompted by a detailed reading of the planning application on the CEC planning website. My review revealed many inconsistencies in the application, which led me to consider what was being left unsaid.

I think that little will be served by me replying to each point at this time but I will do so in my formal comments submitted to CEC on the planning application. I thank Cheshire Lakes for correcting me about Policy PG3 but as I found this information on page 67 of the Cheshire East Local Plan (Proposed Changes — Consultation Supporting Document, March 2016, I took it to be current policy.

The only point I will raise again is in regard to sewage disposal. The planning application form (Section 11: Foul Sewage) shows clearly that the intention is to dispose of sewage via the mains sewer. As United Utilities confirm, no mains sewer exists in the area around the proposed venue. This issue has not been addressed in the applicant's response or indeed in the planning application documents. Also I have found no detailed assessment of any drainage matters within the application on the CEC planning portal.

Finally, for the avoidance of doubt, I would still like to seek answers to the following questions:

Can the developers confirm, by answering yes or no to each of the following questions, that if the scheme proceeds:

  • Loud music will never be played on the site
  • Floodlights will never be used, even in the car park
  • An alcoholic drinks licence will never be sought
  • All outdoor activities will cease at dusk on all occasions
  • Competition days of the type described on the websites of their other locations will not take place at this venue


Response from Cheshire Lakes

As per the article on Chelford Village website, we respond to the questions posed to Cheshire Lakes.

A detailed drainage report was submitted with the application, however the Council has not put it on the website, in error. We have now corrected their error, and the report should be available to view shortly. This will confirm all relevant drainage related matters.

Loud Music will never be played at the site?
We do not play loud music at our other sites and see no need to do so at Cheshire Lakes.

Floodlights will never be used, even in the car park?
It is not in our plans to use floodlights, there might be some very low level lighting in the car park, if it is required to safely allow people to exit. This will be turned off when the site is closed.

An alcoholic drinks license will never be sought?
It is not in our current plans or planning application to apply for a drinks license.

All outdoor activities will cease at dusk on all occasions?
It would be against our health and safety policy to operate after dusk for any of our activities. We will therefore not be planning to do so.

Competitions days of the type described on the websites of their other locations will not take place at this venue.
In order to grow a sport, increase participation and match Sport England's strategies for the development of sport and athletes, we will be hosting competitions at various times during the year. These may be a grassroots competition, a junior under 16's competition, a national wakeboard competition or an open water swim race. Running competitions such as this does not mean that we would suddenly have loud music playing, etc. These competitions are often on a very small scale and fit into the sites operational plans and health and safety plans.

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