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Remembrance Sunday

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There was a strong turn out for the Remembrance Sunday service at St John's, Chelford.

The Revd. Gerri Tetzlaff lead a moving and contemplative service, drawing on the remarkable wartime history of her Father-in -Law, who, as a Polish army officer, was captured and eventually imprisoned in Germany for 6 years until released by the US Army in 1945. Happily, he still lives on at the grand old age of 101, having moved to England upon his release.

The uniformed youth groups were very well represented and it was great to see so many young people participating in the Act of Remembrance. Scout Leader Joe Adshead remarked that whilst we older people know of the impact of wars from the experience of our parents and grandparents, it is really important that we pass on our understanding of the momentous events of history which draw us together to remember, year after year, in the hope that by continuing to remember we may lessen the chance of future wars.

As always, the most potent demonstration of the horrific reality of war is the reading of the names of the Fallen. Many of those names are still represented by Chelford, Marthall and Lower Withington families of the present day.

Thanks to Dr R Roycroft, Laura Chaffer and Joe Adshead for pictures

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