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Station Volunteers' Report

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It's nearly 8 years now since we first started work on behalf of Chelford Parish Council and our beautiful village to reclaim our unmanned station from the heavily neglected state that it had been allowed to deteriorate!

Latterly it has been quite a struggle for us as the years take hold. In fact many of the tasks we carried out in the first years, we couldn't even contemplate attempting now.

The two old locos need to take to the siding before we hit the buffers if you see our points?

Kath & Andy Gildon, so long our hard working volunteers, have at last managed to find some further volunteers; Dave and Barbara Wilson, Sue Bluck and possibly others. The new volunteers have already made a start and things are on the up again. If you would like to join, please email us here or give us a call on the numbers below.

We welcome all this extra help and now feel happier about fading into the background, knowing that we can participate when the mood takes us, but not worrying about the organising and the station falling back into disrepair. We are sure that the new volunteers will enjoy the peace and tranquility at the station whilst also enjoying one of the best views in the village!

Editor's note: The old 'locos' are still active and what they and their wives have achieved is absolutely wonderful. Their achievements have been recognised by the Cheshire Best Kept Station competition in every year since they began. Their's is a fantastic example of volunteering at its best. And they still keep up an endless stream of banter even during the worst of jobs.

Autumn is here and yet it's un-seasonally warm. The Marigolds and Geraniums are still going strong along with the Roses which are still budding and flowering. This last weekend our extra pairs of hands have already worked wonders on the Crewe side. Andy is ready to carry out a final mow and strim as well. More bulbs have been planted and let's hope the squirrels don't eat them this time! We also plan to plant some winter flowering annuals to provide some colour until the eagerly awaited spring.

Your station is entering a new era. More enthusiasm! More people to say 'Hello' to! If you too would like to join us, we are sure you'd find it therapeutic and satisfying as we do.

Peter & Heather Hammond 861277

Tony & Barbara Icke 861833

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