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Cheshire Police have introduced Operation Shield, a new anti-crime initiative, in an attempt to reduce crimes, particularly those involving burglary. The scheme uses a unique DNA identification system to mark valuables such as electrical items, mobile phones, jewellery and vehicles.

In areas where Operation Shield has already been introduced the level of residential burglary has reduced by 32% and vehicle theft has reduced by 18%. The DNA identification takes the form of a very small dot placed on any item using a traceable liquid; the mark is unique to each address and therefore helps to identify stolen items if they are recovered.

Business and residential properties can also benefit from a similar scheme through the availability of a DNA spray that could be sprayed automatically onto any individual who enters the premises illegally.

Any thief touching a marked item or being sprayed by the liquid will have traces of the liquid on clothes, skin and hair for weeks although it cannot be seen by these individuals. The initiative is proving very effective due to the fact that every offender brought into custody, and all property recovered by the Police, is now being screened under UV light for evidence of the DNA marking system.

In normal circumstances the DNA kit would cost £40 but if there is sufficient demand from local residents and businesses the cost will reduce to £8.65. The DNA kit was demonstrated at a recent meeting of Chelford Parish Council and the Council has now agreed to support Cheshire Police with their objective of increasing the number of individuals and businesses who are Operation Shield protected.If you wish to purchase one of the DNA kits, or want to obtain more details about the scheme, please send your name, address and telephone number to the following email address from where it will be forwarded to Cheshire Police:

Alternatively please contact the Clerk via telephone number 01477 571444 to give details

All information provided will be treated as strictly confidential and the Police will visit the homes of residents who are interested in order to explain how the system works.

I very much hope that there will be a sufficient level of local demand to assist Cheshire Police with this initiative, and their use of available technology, in order to help them protect our homes from burglars.

David Wilson (Chairman, Chelford Parish Council)

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