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Many thanks to our super fast broadband champion, Mike Grundy, for a good update on the situation and some sage advice.

The current situation is that Fibre broadband for many premises in the village is now fully subscribed. By that I refer mainly to the houses within the Dixon drive estate. Of course access to Fibre broadband depends entirely on where your house is, so there may still be one or two areas where a service is still available. If inquiries with BT show that it is not available then it's likely that the property is fed from Cabinet 6 at the Knutsford road end of Dixon drive which is currently out of capacity.

Openreach have installed a new Fibre cabinet with the intention of providing more capacity. This is next to Cabinet 6 but progess seems very slow and it is difficult to get any updates from BT or Openreach.

The Parish Council is actively pursuing Connecting Cheshire to ensure that the Village is fully involved in the next phase of Broadband Infrastructure developments to provide better than 30Mbps and to widen the availability of Fibre within the Chelford area, particularly for those outlying premises not previously included in the initial Fibre implementation. However these improvements are part of a Cheshire wide programme and are not likely to be seen here until well into 2017.

If you want to know if you can get Superfast Fibre then the following website can tell you if Fibre is/isn't available in your property and if it is available whether there is a local capacity issue. If this shows that Fibre is not available for you, the best approach is to email or contact your chosen ISP and make them aware of your requirement and ask to be kept informed and on their waiting list.

I have been in touch with Connecting Cheshire and just today have the following feedback from them.

"In the short-term, the best advice is to tell folk to keep chasing their ISPs as this helps log a high level of unfulfilled demand which in turn will help flag the matter up to a priority for Openreach as it is a missed income opportunity for both the ISP and BT.

Also just to keep you in the loop, further coverage is on its way for 2 more new cabinet areas in Chelford — 5 and 7, which will cover around 130 additional premises in the exchange area as part of our Phase 1 roll-out. Following this there is one Chelford cabinet in our Phase 2 roll-out, expected by summer next year, plus we expect to announce those areas that will be included in our Phase 3 roll-out later this year which may include parts of Chelford also.

As per your email, cabinet 6 does require additional capacity and a new cabinet has been stood rather than just need new cards. Unfortunately though, the expected completion of the work looks like running into next spring I'm afraid, partly due to the volume of work BT are undertaking to fulfil other work for Connecting Cheshire. I will however try to push for a quicker timescale."

For those desperate to get High speed broadband there now appears to be a potential alternative. This is a wireless based service provided by a company called Vispa at . Their service coverage area encompasses all of Chelford and they have said that they would provide a service if they get more than 25 registrations of interest. The downside is that the service is more expensive than standard Fibre and is subject to peak time usage limits, but for those who cannot wait for the next rollout phases from Connecting Cheshire this might be a viable alternative for your consideration.

Please note that this is not a personal recommendation for Mike as he states clearly that he has no other knowledge about the company other than what is stated on their website.

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