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WW1 Exhibition Attracts Lots Of Interest

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The exhibition at St John's church, commemorating the start of WW, has attracted lots of interest from Chelford residents and visitors. On Sunday, the church was filled with people looking at the pictures and reading the stories and life histories of those from the parish who fought in WW1.

Church Teas 3

The vast amount of interesting material on exhibition was so compelling that many people were saying that they intended to make further visits to absorb it all. Of course, the delicious cakes of the August Teas might also have had something to do with that.

Church teas 1

Much of the material for the exhibition has been provided from Chelford residents whose family members took part in WW1. This means that both Chelford stories and those from further afield are well represented. It's an excellent window on the social history of the times and the stories of the Chelford and Lower Withington men have been wonderfully researched by John Earl.

Church Teas 2

A trip to the exhibition is highly recommended as it gives some fascinating insights into the history of our community, as well as laying out the personal stories of those who were present at one of the darkest periods of our history and those events which changed Britain forever.

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