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Your New Parish Council

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On May 7th, 2015, your new Parish Council was elected at the local election, which was uncontested as there were only 7 candidates for the 7 seats. The new PC came into being on May, 14th, 2015.

At the election, Chairman Kath Gildon, Vice-Chairman Barry Tyre and Cllrs Andrew Norbury and
Roger Roycroft stood down.

The new PC members are:
Mr David WIlson (Chairman),
Mr John Leach (Vice Chairman), T: 01625 860658
Mr Tony Boon, T: 01625 861009
Mr Edward Michell, T: 01625 861343
Mrs Sam Hampson
Mrs Kakoli Chaudhuri
Mr Brian Brindley

By way of introducing the council, we asked them each, two questions. Here are the replies:

David Wilson

Why I want to be on the Parish Council

Becoming a parish councillor is an opportunity for me to apply the knowledge, skills and experience I acquired in employment, to help and guide members of Chelford community. I am keen to participate in decisions affecting the growth and development of the village and where possible, influence those decisions for the benefit of Chelford residents and the community in which I live..

What I hope to Achieve for Chelford

As a councillor, I want to see Chelford grow and develop to ensure its future sustainability. However, I want it do so in a way which preserves the character of the village and the surrounding environment and that it remains a place where residents continue to enjoy positive benefits. Any changes therefore must provide added value and be seen as genuine improvement for those living in Chelford.

John Leach

Why I want to be on the Parish Council

I have lived in Chelford for twelve years and during my time on the Parish Council I have always tried to contribute my thoughts and experiences on the manner in which the village should be maintained and developed.

What I hope to achieve for Chelford

I believe we are starting to experience a situation whereby we will inherit a greater responsibility for the maintenance and development of the village and I want to ensure we grasp this opportunity for the benefit of our residents. We will need to manage expectations with this situations as, with less finance available from local government, the schemes we aim to deliver will need to funded either by our residents through the precept or through successfully applying to external funding organisations.

Tony Boon

Why I want to be on the Parish Council

I have lived in Chelford for 57 of my 60 years and have been on the parish council for the past 9 years. As a long standing member of this community I feel it's important to contribute my experiences, so the village can continue to grow and develop in a positive direction.

What I hope to achieve for Chelford

I feel the development of the neighbourhood plan is of great importance so that the local community has control over future planning decisions in the village. I also feel passionately about maintaining the village's identity, making sure it retains its character, tradition and environment.

Kakoli Chaudhuri

Why I want to be on the Parish Council

Parish Council are a vital part of any community. It is the level government closest to the community, and as such the first place people will go with concerns or ideas. Being a Parish Councillor will give an opportunity to become someone my community will look to for help, guidance and support. Seeing my community change for the better, as a result of decisions I have helped make, is something that gives me a sense of achievement and pride.

What I hope to achieve for Chelford

Ans. Chelford is a beautiful village and as such protecting its green spaces is my utmost priority. I support our local businesses and tradesmen and will make sure they continue to thrive. As a PTA member of our local primary school, I will continue being involved in raising funds to improve the infrastructure and facilities of the school for the benefits of our children. I also intend to bridge the digital gap between the younger and the elderly people of our community. I am keen to share my skills and knowledge with the community and be involved in the community driven projects, whenever possible.

Sam Hampson

Why I want to be on the Parish Council

I have lived in the village for almost 7 years and became a co-opted member of the Parish Council in October 2013. Prior to the May elections I was unsure whether to continue and run for election due to new work commitments and other activities such as being a member of the Village Hall Committee. However, I decided to remain on the council as several key members were standing down and I felt that it was my duty to stay and assist the remaining council members who each put in a huge amount of hard work and commitment into making Chelford a better place to live. The previous council members have worked wonders for the village over the years and I hope this newly elected council will continue in their footsteps.

What I hope to achieve for Chelford

I hope to be able to assist in the design and structure of the Neighbourhood Plan so that the local community will have a say in planning decisions that are made in the future that will effect residents and future residents. I want to help restore and maintain the community spirit within the village by listening to the views of the residents and dealing with any issues that arise in a fair and consistent way.

Brian Brindley

Why I want to be on the Parish Council

I live near St John's Church and whilst I was working full-time I never really got to know what was happening or what was being planned for the village, being out on a limb as it were. I have now wound up the second largest road haulage firm in Chelford (two vehicles!) and now that I am retired I can commit time to the village.

What I hope to achieve for Chelford

Once I have gained an insight into the workings of the Parish Coucil, I can hopefully engage with its aims and objectives in my down to earth manner.

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