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Chelford Landmarks

Photos of our local landmarks in and around Chelford. If you have any good high-resolution photographs of our local landmarks please email them to the webteam. Click on a thumbnail to view the enlarged version.

Footpath loop 1
Footpath loop 2
Winter 2015
Station Spring 2015 1
Station Spring 2015 2
Station Spring 2015 3
Restoration 1
Restoration 2
Chelford field view
Sandpit May 12 1
Sandpit May 12 2
Sandpit May 12 3
Cold store 2
Chelford Station 1900s
Lake reflection
Dix Drive3
Sandpit May 2016 1
Sandpit May 2016 2
Sandpit May 2016 3
Sandpit May 2016 4
Little Library
July Station 2
July Station 3
Cricketers green 1
Cricketers Green 2
Cricketers Green 3
Cricketers Green 4
Footpath before
Footpath after
Crewe side 1
Crewe side 2
Crewe side 3
Chelford Market
Chelford Surgery
Chelford Activity Park MUGA
Playground 13
Church cottages
Ridged up for potatoes
School in summer
Village church
Village Hall
Chelford FP1
chelford station 2
Chelford station 14-07 (4)
post office
scout hut roof 003
Village Daffodils
Roundabout daffodils
sandpit lake
Chelford Station in 1905
NatWest sign
NatWest Bank building
Spring station 1
Spring station 2
Spring at Chelford station
Spring station 4
Bus stop daffodils
Spring flowers
Spring Flowers 2
Egerton Arms
Bluebell Georges Wood
Bluebell woods
Bluebell close-up
Bluebell and butterfly
Georges Wood bluebells
Bluebell path
Astle Court Cage
Astle Court basket
Station garden summer
Station garden summer 2
Station garden summer 3
Chelford Market
Station June 14 01
Station June 14 02
Station June 14 03
Station June 14 04
Station June 14 05
Calvary - from the West
Calvary from the North
Lapwing sandpit
Wintry trees
Sandpit winter
Frozen fields
Snow on the Edge
Astke Court room
Astle Court Room 2
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