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A Brief History Of Time Trialling

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A Brief History of Time Trialling.

Now, many of you will know that the Chelford area has a long history of cycle racing and there have been at least four Olympian cyclists living around the area over the years. The tour of Britain famously passed through the area some years ago.

Up to and including last year, Chelford church has always hosted a Cyclists' Carol Service and of course, the famous racer, Reg Harris, is buried in St John's churchyard.

Time Trial Races are often seen in progress along the A537 but what is going on?

Here's Mike Cotgreave to explain:

Cycling became very popular in Victorian times – it was cheap and convenient, but it became a menace to the horse riders!

To help, in 1922 the Road Racing Council was formed to regulate what had also then become a sport.

Later in 1937 the Road Times Trial Council was formed as it was becoming increasingly difficult and dangerous to hold large cycling events (Since 2002 we now operate as Cycling Time Trials who continue the long standing aims, standards and integrity of the Council).

This was the start of Time Trialling when riders rode against the clock as much as against each other.

Riders started at minute intervals and distances were typically 10, 25, 50 and 100 miles or even 12 and 24 hours when distance covered was recorded. Initially times and locations were kept secret.

Riders were encouraged to wear black and courses had code numbers! Nowadays of course events are published and riders are encouraged to wear bright clothing and to have front and rear lights

.Bikes have also changed, riders may well have Tri bars, disc wheels, aero helmets and carbon fibre frames. Reducing air resistance has become an art, rides are faster and thus the time taken is reduced.

Local cubs often ride through the area including Chelford and Goostrey, riders appreciate the cooperation and understanding of local residents, which of course enables them to take part in this challenging sport. For which we thank you.

You may be interested in taking part in these events, or joining a Cycling club – there are many in the area and information can be found at..  (All events have currently been cancelled but let us hope that not only cyclists but all of us can return to a normal life as soon as possible.

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