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Another Scam In Chelford?


There was a report of a possible scam in Chelford this morning.

A young man and woman knocked on the door of a house and introduced themselves to the householder. They said that the were fitting a security alarm at the house next door and explained that they were going around the neighbours asking if anyone else would like an alarm fitted.

The householder told them that they already had an alarm and  the pair left.

This may have been a legitimate enquiry.  However,  of the neighbouring houses, one already has an alarm and the occupier of the other had not been approached. There was no sign of any work going on in the immediate area.

A quick search of scams shows that both legitimate and questionable door to door selling of security alarms does happen. It also shows that there are many occasions when such tactics are used to gauge the security preparedness of properties.

If you have any doubts, please do not invite callers into your home. Please also pass on the information to the police via 101.

If anyone else has been approached in this way, please let us know  here

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