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Bored? Fancy a trip out?


Well, it's not likely to happen just yet, however, if you're fed up with watching the beacons flash on Knutsford Road, or the beasts chewing the cud or the unbearable excitement of the 88 bus drifting by then a virtual outing may be the answer.

If you fancy a trip to an international museum or art gallery, then look no further

The Louvre
The British Museum
Musee d'Orsay
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Van Gogh Museum
The Vatican Museum

There are also loads of online gigs;
Manchester's music scene is still operating from here

Timeout is also a good place to start

The Manchester International Festivalhashad some fantastic events last year and they are undaunted by the current restrictions and are streaming events instead. Click here

If you're looking for livestream sport, then all the usual suspects such as Live-YouTube etc. will give you a start.

Whenever you're looking around at livestream events please bear in mind that not all are free

If you would like us to publicise a livestream event, click here to contact us

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