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Broadband Update


Previous updates indicated that two companies had given presentations to the Parish Council regarding the installation of fibre, mainly but not exclusively on the Dixon estate. It would now seem that VISPA, one of the companies, is pressing ahead with its objective to install a fibre network, subject to acquiring the appropriate number of resident agreements. To this end, you may have been visited by a company representative recently, to explain the process and to secure your registration.

Also you may have received further detailed printed information about the process and answers to questions raised by residents. According to the company, it would appear that the required number of Lower Peover residents have agreed to register for fibre installation.

This information can be found on the Parish Council website ( ) by clicking on the Noticeboard link and scrolling down.

It is important to note that VISPA is a legitimate company following a Government prescribed process and is not in anyway some kind of scam, which has been a concern raised by some residents. As previously stated, the Parish Council is unable to give any recommendation or advice to residents about how they should proceed, nor can the Parish Council verify the accuracy of information provided. The Parish Council position is that fibre installation across the Parish would be highly beneficial to residents and local businesses. However, the decision whether or not to register with VISPA is entirely a matter for residents, based on their own research and also information provided by the company either through its website, leaflets or through personal contact with company representatives.

Further updates will be provided as and when more information is available. The Parish Council website will also provide updates.

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