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Many residents will have recently received a leaflet through their door regarding the installation of a fibre network in Chelford, which would dramatically increase the speed of broadband delivery to homes. Currently, two companies have expressed a strong interest in providing the infrastructure using the Government Broadband Voucher Scheme, which allows residents to apply for a Gigabit Voucher from the Government. This voucher entitles the resident to free full fibre installation by the nominated company and in return the resident must enter into a broadband contract for a specific period of time (between 1-2 years).

The two companies, VISPA and Kloud9, recently informed the Parish Counci lof their intentions and each offered to give presentations to councillors. So far, VISPA has delivered a presentation explaining the process and councillors were able to ask questions regarding installation and broadband contracts. Kloud9 is scheduled to give a presentation in early March. The VISPA plans do not appear to cover the whole of the Parish, but are largely focused on the Dixon estate.

Current information suggests that BT Openreach have no plans to install fibre to homes which are connected to the outdated copper wire network. Whilst the Parish Council is not in a position to make commercial recommendations, councillors believe that the proposals should be seriously considered by residents. For many, the current broadband system is inefficient, slow and frustrating and the installation of fibre for residents and businesses would bring significant benefits to the Parish.

The websites for the companies mentioned above, will provide useful information and further research on the internet will give you an idea of how this kind of installation has worked elsewhere. The Parish Council will keep residents updated via the Parish Council website:

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