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Chelford Neighbourhood Plan

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The Chelford Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan, was completed and passed by a Cheshire East referendum in September 2019. The Plan was constructed and written by a group of residents, including Parish Council members, after extensive public consultation. The draft Plan was examined by an independent planning inspector, prior to referendum.

Although now nearly two years old, the Plan's key policies remain relevant and crucial to the future of Chelford. However, the population of the Parish has changed considerably since 2019 and will continue to do so, with the completion of new housing developments and the consequent turnover of people leaving and settling in the area. It is therefore an opportune time to remind residents of the Plan and the rationale for its existence.

A Neighbourhood Plan is a means by which communities have a say in the future of the places where they live. It carries legal weight and it must be consulted by Cheshire East whenever a planning application is submitted. The Chelford Plan took nearly two years to complete, based on feedback received from residents about the future development of Chelford.

Five policy strands were identified namely:
Housing; the Natural Environment; the Green Infrastructure; the Community Infrastructure and Local Economy: Transport.
These were then broken down into a number of specific policy subsections.

In essence, housing policies focuses on controlling future housing development, housing mix and housing design (including existing properties). The natural environment policies stress the need to protect our bio diversity, landscape and trees and hedgerows. The green infrastructure seeks to protect our green, open and recreation spaces and to ensure that public rights of way and footpaths remain in existence. The community infrastructure policies reflect the need to develop our community infrastructure and the local economy to sustain the population and transport policies aim to promote sustainable transport.

When submitting a planning application you may wish to consult the Neighbourhood Plan. Where appropriate the Parish Council does make reference to the Plan policies in any planning objections which are submitted to Cheshire East.

In due course the Plan and its policies will be reviewed, in the light of any national or local planning changes. The Chelford Neighbourhood Plan can be found on the home page menu of the Parish Council website:

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