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Chelford Quiz

Here's a Chelford-based quiz for your entertainment and torture. It might need some research.

There's no time limit but contact us here if you get stuck. Click on the file to download and print the questions


1. Which famous singer songwriter lived in Chelford?
2. What was the title of his song which reached number 7 in the UK singles chart?
3. Where is the home country of the international singing star booked to play at Jodrell Bank in 2021?
4. Who is fronting the Rewind Festival in 2021?
5. What is his association with the smallest unit of life?


1. Where was Chelford Cricket Club's first ground?
2. When was cricket first played on this ground?
3. When the Club moved to another ground, which team replaced them on the original ground?
4. What happened to the original ground during World War 2?
5. In what year did the multi use games area open on the field near the village hall?
6. Which famous cyclist is buried in the grounds of St John's Church?
7. In what year did he compete in the Olympic Games?
8 How many medals did he win and what were they?
9, Which England cricketer was born with a Chelford postal address?
10. When did he play for England?
11. Which famous cycle race has passed through Chelford village?
12. How many different sports can be played using the multi use games area and what are they?
13 Who were the world champions who lived on Cinder Lane, just off Pepper street?
14. Which famous international footballer attended a wedding at St John's Church in 2003?
15. Which former St Helens RL captain lives in Chelford?

History and a Bit of Geography

1. What was the title of the song recorded by the disgraced former Tatton MP Neil Hamilton and his wife in 2006?
2. Which famous BBC war correspondent defeated Hamilton in the 1997 election?
3. What was the date of the Chelford rail accident?
4. A famous German-born musician with Manchester associations was on the train that crashed and was uninjured. Who was he?
5. Which two streams join in Chelford to form the Peover Eye?
6. Which two famous brewing families have been residents of Chelford?
7. How many men from Chelford and Lower WIthington were killed in the first World War?
8. What grisly incident happened at Knowsley Farm on Macclesfield Road in April, 1914?
9. In what year did the Chelford Cattle Market Company begin trading in Chelford?
10. Where was the coach works in Chelford?
11. Where was the first school in Chelford thought to be?
12. What year did the second school in Chelford open?

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