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The Chelford Round Returns

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Recently, we've had some requests to publish the revised route for the Chelford Round. Here's the 2021 version which incorporates some changes to the original in order to escape some difficult road crossing.The entire route is covered by the Ordnance Survey Explorer 268 – Wilmslow, Macclesfield & Congleton. A set of pdf maps for each of the six sections can be downloaded from this article

The Chelford Round came into being in 2008. It was intended to be an 'anytime challenge' to get participants to discover the paths through the areas surrounding their village. It took as its inspiration the famous Bob Graham Round, a much tougher, more spectacular and punishing 24 hour Lakeland route.

In concept, the two have some similarities; to complete successfully one must finish in a set time, navigate around the route entirely on foot and be honest about your self-recorded time.

The Chelford Round starts and finishes at the door of the Egerton Arms. It follows a 21 mile route around our village, going clockwise or anti-clockwise. To record your time, set the clock running with one hand on the Egerton's door and stop it when you return to touch the door. You have 9 hours to complete the route.

Everyone completing the route in the time gets a numbered certificate. In times past, if there were enough finishers in the year, we would have a celebration dinner at the Egerton Arms and we may do so again, one day. The trophy (a very pagan ceramic head to be held for the year) would be awarded for the best round of the year as voted for at the dinner. Not the fastest round, but the one voted the best by which reason the individual members thought best at the time.

The current record was set in 2013 by Martin Smith who completed the original route in 3 hours 21 minutes and in tricky conditions. There have been two other finishes in under 3hrs 30 mins and one bang on 3 hrs 30 mins. However, the main point of doing this is to enjoy a long walk / run around our village and be happy in what you find on the way.

Please note; although indicative maps and instructions are supplied, this is a navigation challenge and that's up to you. You will also encounter livestock, mud, traffic, fences and probably strange people. You are responsible for your own safety. If you're in doubt of your safety at any point, give up and find your best route home by any means possible.

Good luck to all giving it a go. If you would like to report a time for completion, email us here

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