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Chelford Speedwatch


The Team began monitoring speeds through the Village in 2019 and since then 108 sessions have been undertaken at various location in the Village. This includes reduced monitoring during periods of lockdown. In 2022, the Team averaged nearly one session a week, with the main locations being at the Village Hall and a position along from Chelford Farm Supplies.

The Team monitors speeds in both easterly and westerly directions, during the sessions, using two radar guns and each offending vehicle is recorded by make, colour, time, direction of travel and registration. The Team also records the number of vehicles passing through the Village in either an easterly or westerly direction depending on location. This information is then submitted to the police who record it on their database and who then take appropriate action.

In 2022, 1,518 vehicles were recorded as exceeding the speed limit of 30 mph. Three vehicles were recorded at over 60 mph and the drivers were subsequently prosecuted. Apart from these, speeds between 45-50 mph were relatively common with some drivers being recorded more than once on the police database. The police do respond to the information submitted by arranging their own monitoring, as well as contacting offending drivers.

Although the Team does have a positive impact on speeding whilst monitoring, it is clear that many vehicles enter and leave the Village at dangerous speeds and particularly when approaching the zebra crossing. It should also be noted that these are not just vehicles passing through but Chelford residents too.

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