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Chelford Speedwatch


The Speedwatch team is operating again in the Village. Team members are trained by the police to operate the equipment and the locations for the team are determined by the police. The Speedwatch team was set up in response to resident concerns about the excessive speeds of vehicles travelling through the Village.

The team has operated 7 sessions since the easing of lockdown, each lasting an hour and at varying times during daylight hours. Vehicles exceeding the speed limit have their registration, vehicle type and colour recorded by the team and these details are then submitted to the police, who will then take appropriate action. The team also does a vehicle count in each hour it operates. At any given time during the day, the number of vehicles travelling just one way through Chelford can often reach 350+ per hour.

It is disappointing to note that speeding through the Village remains a persistent problem, with numbers in each session so far, well into double figures (highest 34) and speeds often exceeding 40 mph. Many drivers are unaware of the distances that the equipment operated by the Team can reach in either direction. The Speedwatch team is not there deliberately to catch drivers out, rather, members would prefer to have zero on their record sheet. The team's presence is to stop drivers speeding through Chelford to ensure that the roads are safe for residents.

It is important to understand that the police will take action based on the Speedwatch records and it should not be assumed, as some drivers do, that there are no consequences. Please keep Chelford roads safe and observe the speed limits. The speed indicators at either end of the Village will give you a clue as to your speed.

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