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Chelford Speedwatch


Now that the Co-Vid restrictions have been eased, members of the Chelford Speedwatch have resumed their monitoring activities. The team varies the time of day across the week, depending on member availability and usually will spend an hour checking vehicles driving through the Village. Recent sessions have indicated that speeding has increased significantly, to the point where 22 vehicles were recorded travelling through the centre of the Village in excess of 35mph, on the 26th August. The fastest vehicle was travelling at 47mph. The previous week, 14 vehicles were recorded exceeding the speed limit, the fastest being 49mph.

All those exceeding the speed limit are reported to the police after each Speedwatch session, who will then consider what action to take. The purpose of Speedwatch is not to catch drivers speeding, but rather to discourage them from doing so, but it should not be assumed that speeding will go unreported to the police. The police also support Speedwatch with their own monitoring sessions as can be witnessed from time to time in the Village.

We wish to keep Chelford roads safe and also ensure that residents are safe too. Please drive carefully.

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