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Chelford Village Community News

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Chelford Village Community News

With the increase in new housing in our village, Chelford Parish Council are supporting the publication of a Community Newsletter that will be distributed to each house in the village free of charge. The purpose of the Chelford Village Community News will be to keep all households informed of active groups within the village as well as dates for your diary.

Whilst the village already has a website, and several social media channels Chelford Surgery has expressed concerns that web-based information does not meet the majority of patient’s needs and there is a need for paper-based information alongside that found on-line. Information from the last census, showed that Chelford had an estimated population of 1,500, 40% the highest proportion of residents are aged between 60- 80.

The newsletter will be published ten times a year, each month there will be space available for community organisations to advertise their news and events, community plans for the future to be announced and space for residents to write articles.

Advertising space for businesses is available charged at £70 for the year for ten issues. There will be with a quarterly local trade’s directory yellow pages, where local business can list the name of their business and contact details, charged at £20 per annum.

The first edition is on track to be sent out in the third week in November 2022 and will be put together by the newly formed editorial group.

Each edition offers details of the editorial group, how to access the Chelford Community News online and deadline for next month’s articles.

This is where your help is needed there are over 40 roads in the village where newsletters need to be delivered. Therefore, the community newsletter team are appealing for volunteers to deliver the newsletters just ten times a year, approximately 35 magazines each. Can you please spare a small amount of time to deliver the newsletters for your neighbours in your road?

Should you be able to volunteer to help your local community for approximately five hours a year to deliver the newsletter in your road, would like to be a sponsor of the community news, be listed in the quarterly trades directory or would like to submit an article please contact the editorial team on

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