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Chelford Zebra Crossing

zebra crossing

Chelford Parish Council is aware of concerns raised by a number of residents relating to safety and the the zebra crossing in the Village. These concerns have been communicated to the local Policing Team. In order for the Police to provide effective lobbying for improvements to the crossing it is necessary for sufficient evidence to be available to support the request.

Residents are, therefore, encouraged to report any incidents at the zebra crossing to both the Police and Cheshire East Council Highways (safety team).Reports can be made to the Police using the 101 telephone service or online.Reports to Cheshire East Council can be made online.

You may have noticed that the zebra crossing beacons have been raised recentlyto improve visibility for approaching traffic and hence safety.

The Police wish to remind pedestrians and drivers of the provisions in the Highway Code relating to zebra crossings:

Rule 18
At all crossings. When using any type of crossing you should:

  • always check that the traffic has stopped before you start to cross or push a pram onto a crossing;
  • always cross between the studs or over the zebra markings. Do not cross at the side of the crossing or on the zig-zag lines, as it can be dangerous.
  • You MUST NOT loiter on any type of crossing.
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