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Cheshire Show Accolade for Chelford Resident

1st prize

On the first day of the Royal Cheshire County Show, one of our residents has achieved the distinction of a 1st prize for her 'Naughty but Nice' spicy pickle in the individual produce section. Judged by representatives of the Cheshire Federation of Women's Institutes , Glenys Grace's pickle scored a remarkable 19.5 out of 20 points. Presumably the lost .5 point was because there was not enough to go round.

The author of this article can attest to the quality of this pickle of distinction having recently consumed a jar. It is the perfect accompaniment to some Cheshire cheese and a robust red wine. Glenys has been pickling for years and her kitchen is a veritable laboratory of discovery, where she can be seen testing new flavours on her husband Alan, who must be well and truly pickled by now. There is now talk of an appearance on Dragons' Den and already the pickle has attracted the considerable attention of residents on Drumble Field.

Well done Glenys--keep churning out those jars--we love 'em

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