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Council Tax Rises Again

cheshire east

Residents to pay nearly five per cent more council tax in 2021/22.

Cheshire East Council has released its spending and tax plans from 2021-25. It shows that council chiefs are planning to raise council tax by 4.99%-- the maximum allowed by the Government, including a three per cent precept for adult social care. This will mean that a Band D property will pay £1,579.03 over 12 months.

Cllr Amanda Stott, a Council Cabinet Member for Finance, has spoken of the difficult choices and the need to strike a balance between protecting vital local services and keeping council tax rises to a minimum. She acknowledged that the proposed 4.99 per cent increase in council tax for 2021/22 will be a concern for many residents.

She stated that this rise equates to about £1 per week for the average household.The Council is looking to reduce the impact of this rise on lower income households through changes to the council tax support scheme. Beyond 2021/22 Cheshire East is proposing smaller increases in council tax of 1.99 per cent.

The Council claim that this increase is part of a four-year balanced strategy, reflecting preferences voiced through consultation responses, of increasing council tax, implementing service efficiencies and increasing income from fees and charges. It is argued that this will allow sustainable services to be maintained, giving greater financial certainty and retaining the commitment to carbon reduction.

The Council says that spending in 'people-based services' will increase by more than £12 million over the next four years. However, the Council is also making widespread cuts, including £1 million of savings following a review of the capital programme, £500,000 after a mental health services review, and £67,000 in urban grass cutting.

The proposals will first have to be approved by a cabinet meeting on February 2, before going to a full council meeting on February 17 for the final sign-off.

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